Custom Development Services

If you need a custom web application developed you are in the right place.


Having worked in the technology space for 30+ years we have the experience to support you and your business so that you get the software that you need developed without headaches.


The development of a custom web application may seem daunting at the beginning, but we are here to make the process as straight forward as possible.

Some Examples of Software Created By Our Development Team

  • Kartra Marketing Connect (Kartra API Integration)

  • Purchase Order & Drop Ship Management

  • Xero Accounts Integration

  • SEO Tool - Rich Snippets

  • SEO Tool - Open Search

  • Easy Store Finder For E-Commerce

  • Customer Engagement Reporting

  • Intelligent Custom Fields

  • Intelligent Currency Based Upon Location

  • Product Import Tool For E-Commerce

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    We divide the development process into 4 stages and we go through each sequentially providing our clients with clarity at each stage of the process.


    Sometimes custom development projects overrun budget due to lack of planning and foresight at the outset, we work differently!

    Our approach allows our clients keep tight control on their budget by ensuring that each stage is explicitly defined. With all things IT there is simple black and white, there is no grey!

    Our approach eliminates assumptions and provides definition!

    Stage 1

    • Project Assessment

    • Development of Project Scope

    • Sign Off By Owner

    This is often the most important part of the entire development process. In this stage we work closely with the client to define the scope of the project and identify any technical challenges that need to be overcome.


    This will involve the creation of an Initial Project Scope which will include graphical representation of the logic flow within the application to be developed.


    Once the Initial Project Scope is agreed and signed off we move to the Stage 2

    Stage 2

    • Estimation of Final Development Costs

    • Development of Project Proposal

    • Sign Off By Owner

    In this stage we look at how we can build the desired application, using the most relevant technologies based upon the signed of specification developed in Stage 1. 


    This stage is a deep dive into the technical functionality required to make the project a reality.


    We will create a Final Project Specification for sign off by the client. This will include all development costs and a timeline for delivery.


    Once agreed and signed off by the client we progress to Stage 3.

    Stage 3

    • Project Build

    • Online Project Tracking

    • Internal Testing

    Based upon the agreed functionality contained within the Final Project Specification our team of developers will commence the creation of the application.


    During this stage the client will be provided with access to our online project management tool and will be invited to contribute by way of comments as the development process progresses.


    We will carry our rigorous internal testing before moving to the Stage 4.

    Stage 4

    • User Acceptance Testing

    • Addressing Technical Issues Found

    • Final Sign Off By Owner

    In this stage of the development process we pass the close to finished application to the client for further testing.


    Any issues found are logged and our development team address each one.


    Once happy that the application is functioning as intended there will be final sign off by the client.


    All development projects come with 6-12 months warranty during which time any issues found will be fixed free of charge.

    The Cart Integrator Team & The Technologies We Work With

    We are a dedicated and experienced team of professional software designers developers with a wide range of skills. When you work with Cart Integrator you can rest assured that whatever technical requirements you have can be catered for. We can create bespoke solutions to address any business needs you may have. If you have a specific requirement feel free to contact us and we can see what we can do to help you.


    Below is a list of the technologies we can apply to projects;

    • .Net (VB / C#)

    • HTML / DHTML

    • Ajax

    • Java Script

    • VB Script

    • ASP

    • CSS

    • JDK

    • JSP

    • Servlets

    • IIS

    • Oracle

    • SQL Server

    • J2ME

    • JAVA Portlets

    • JSF

    • Struts 2.0

    • OLAP Front Ends

    • HIPPA

    • W3C

    • Bobby AA

    • Web Sphere

    • Web Logic

    • Jboss

    • J-Run

    • Tomcat

    • Apache

    • Rasin

    • DB2

    • My SQL

    • MS Access

    • ADABS


    • Sybase

    • SQL Server

    • Web Services

    • .Net Remoting

    • J2EE, EJB

    • Hibernating, Spring

    • SOA

    • Jboss Portal

    • DotNetNuke

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