Kartra GO E-Commerce Smart Search Professional

We include advanced Smart Search technology with your Cart Integrator Kartra GO E-Commerce store to improve the accuracy of the search on your store!

Smart Search will return the most relevant results by performing a search of the selected product fields in four phases:

  1. Products with the exact phrase,
  2. Products with ALL keywords, correctly spelled,
  3. Products with ALL keywords, possibly misspelled,
  4. Products with ANY keywords, possibly misspelled.

Standard Features in all our Kartra GO Stores;

  • Choose which product fields to search within: name, description, meta tag description, meta tag keywords, tags, model, SKU, UPC, EAN, JAN, ISBN, MPN, location, category name, manufacturer name, attribute group, attribute name, attribute value, option name, and/or option value.
  • Automatically display search results right from the search bar with the included Live Search functionality.
  • Choose the default sorting for products: date added, date available, date modified, model, name, price, quantity in stock, rating, sort order, times purchased, or times viewed.
  • Set a minimum number of results to display, so customers always have more than a few results to choose from.
  • Optionally account for plurals, for misspelled words in searches (including setting the misspelling tolerance), and for searching within a category's sub-categories.
  • Select how often to refresh the keyword cache and the misspelling cache: hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly
  • Make pre-search replacements on the search terms, such as replacing hyphens with spaces or commonly misspelled product names with correct ones.
  • Enable a testing mode to view how long queries are taking on your site.
  • Smart Search your products in the admin panel as well as the front-end.
  • For large databases, choose to enable Fulltext search, which is faster but less accurate than the normal Smart Search algorithm.
  • Choose to display matching categories, information pages, and/or manufacturers along with your product results. 
  • Display relevant category/information/manufacturer pages in both the regular search and live search.

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