Kartra GO E-Commerce With Professional PDF Invoices

Your Kartra GO Pro and Kartra GO Drop Ship come with an advanced Professionals PDF Invoice software.


With this software enhancement to your Kartra GO E-Commerce store a PDF invoice will be automatically generated and sent upon order confirmation  or a specific order status. Your customers can also download their invoice in their account and your admins can download the invoice from the back end. You can also customise your invoices to meet your businesses specific needs.


Invoice Options.

You can decide what elements you want to appear on your invoices.

Main Information.

  • Your store ID
  • VAR Number
  • Invoice Number
  • Custom Fields
  • Customer ID
  • Customer Comments
  • Due Date Delay
  • QR Code
  • Bar Code

Colour Options

Each element of your invoice can be coloured, you can set the colours for your

  • Text
  • Titles
  • Borders
  • Page Background
  • Table Headers

Choose Which Columns You Want To Display

  • Product Thumbnail
  • Product Name
  • Model
  • SKU
  • Quantity
  • Weight
  • Tax
  • Tax Rate
  • Total
  • Etc.

Invoice Sheet Settings

  • Set The Paper Format of Your Choice (Letter, A4, Portrait or Landscape)
  • Change The Output File Name

Custom Blocks

Define your own custom blocks and use the tags to add some dynamic content.

Page Footer

Add information of your choice to the page footer, tags can also be used if desired.

Main Settings

Define The Way You Want Your Invoices Sent

  • Decide when you want the invoice to be attached to the emails
  • With order confirmations
  • On a specific order status update
  • When an invoice number is generated
  • Invoice numbers can be generated automatically when an order is placed or manually
  • A copy of the PDF invoice and/or email can be sent to your admin email.

Custom Blocks


You can add one or more custom blocks to the invoice which you can place wherever you want (top/middle/bottom/new page), several tags are available to include (customer information, payment information etc.), you can also choose to display the block for a specific group, a specific payment method, on a status change etc.

Packaging Slip

You have the possibility to send to admin a packaging slip that you can customise to meet your business needs, choosing the template, the columns you want to display and the Barcode or QR Code if needed.

Backup Functions


This will help you sort your backup files. This software enables you to save all your invoices into a folder. You can define when and how you want the files to be saved, by choosing the filename configuration, the folder structure, the paper size etc.

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