Kartra Marketing Connect

At the heart of your Cart Integrator GO E-Commerce store is our Kartra Marketing Connect.

This solution, exclusive to Cart Integrator, gives you the marketing power of Kartra within your E-Commerce Store and allows you to leverage many of the incredible functions of Kartra, including amazing sequences and marketing automation's.

Some of the powerful features in Cart Integrator Kartra Marketing Connect

Full E-Commerce Functionality

No limits!
Sell thousands of products

Increase Your Marketing Power

Manage your marketing campaigns directly from Kartra

Real Time Customer Synchronization

Kartra to Store, Store to Kartra!

Sales & Marketing

A unified system to manage your sales & marketing

Automatic Marketing Sequences

Automate sequences as soon as a product is sold

Reduce Your Marketing Overhead

No need to manage multiple separate systems

Connect Memberships & Customer Groups

Give your members access to special customer groups

Focus Your Marketing Efforts

Let the power of Kartra Marketing drive your E-Commerce sales!

Tag Customer Purchases

Kartra to Store, Store to Kartra!

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