About Cart Integrator - The Kartra Integration Specialists

Hello and welcome to Cart Integrator,

I'm Vincent Scully, the founder and creator of Cart Integrator. I have worked in the IT space for over 3 decades, primarily as an IT Consultant serving small to medium size businesses. I set up my first E-Commerce business back in the late 90's and since then I have set up numerous online businesses for myself and my clients. When working with clients, often we would need a piece of functionality that was not available and I and my development team would create a bespoke solution to address the identified requirement.


Being a self confessed geek, when Kartra came out a few years ago I got really excited. Finally there was one platform for all my online marketing needs, but there was a slight problem, Kartra did not support full E-Commerce. Knowing that if Kartra integrated fully within the E-Commerce environment it would offer huge benefits to businesses, I and my development team set about creating just that and Cart Integrator was born.


I am really excited to introduce Cart Integrator to the world of E-Commerce because I know that it has the potential to really change how E-Commerce stores market their businesses and as a seasoned Kartra fan I know that when you combine amazing Kartra marketing power with a versatile E-Commerce solution you really have a winning combination!


If you would like to speak with me directly then feel free to contact our help desk and we can schedule a meeting no matter where you are in the world.


Kindest regards,




Creator of Cart Integrator & Kartra Nut

The Cart Integrator Team & The Technologies We Work With

We are a dedicated and experienced team of professional software designers developers with a wide range of skills. When you work with Cart Integrator you can rest assured that whatever technical requirements you have can be catered for. We can create bespoke solutions to address any business needs you may have. If you have a specific requirement feel free to contact us and we can see what we can do to help you.


Below is a list of the technologies we can apply to projects;

  • .Net (VB / C#)


  • Ajax

  • Java Script

  • VB Script

  • ASP

  • CSS

  • JDK

  • JSP

  • Servlets

  • IIS

  • Oracle

  • SQL Server

  • J2ME

  • JAVA Portlets

  • JSF

  • Struts 2.0

  • OLAP Front Ends


  • W3C

  • Bobby AA

  • Web Sphere

  • Web Logic

  • Jboss

  • J-Run

  • Tomcat

  • Apache

  • Rasin

  • DB2

  • My SQL

  • MS Access



  • Sybase

  • SQL Server

  • Web Services

  • .Net Remoting

  • J2EE, EJB

  • Hibernating, Spring

  • SOA

  • Jboss Portal

  • DotNetNuke

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